At Ayana’s we are inspired by our immediate surroundings. The lengthy stretch of waterfront makes the home stay idyllic. It borders the property and is visible from the house, giving you a feeling of floating in water. The rich natural expanse of the area offers a host of possibilities to explore. Pick yours from here…

Learn to cook home food: The home food at Ayana’s is something everyone visiting can really look forward to. The whole region around Ayana’s is known for its fresh seafood. Along the backwaters, karimeen (a type of fish) is a sought after specialty. It is lightly fried and served. You can always ask for fresh lobster, prawns, and clams—all of which is cooked to traditional family recipes, handed down from one generation to another. Vegetarians can feast on delicious coconut flavoured dishes.

Go Fishing: While cooking is a full fledged art form in Kerala, at Ayana’s you can have the opportunity to join the fishermen in their night time forays for sea food, and later come back and take part in the cooking process. Even if you don’t end up catching anything, an evening spent out on the lake is memorable in itself. The stillness and serenity are hard to come by in our metropolitan lives. This is the only time you will be far from the hustle bustle, one with nature.

Houeboat: You can cruise about the backwaters in a traditional houseboat called kettuvalloms which are also a prominent tourist attraction. Traditionally, kettuvalloms were used as grain barges, to transport rice harvested in the fertile fields alongside the backwaters.

Enjoy Boat Races: Chundan vallams or snake boats are narrow boats over 100feet with a raised prow that resemble the hood of a snake. Each boat can accommodate a hundred oarsmen with boat races being held in the Kuttanad region of Alappuzha, very close to Ayana’s.

Community Interactions: Interaction with other locals through community engagement programs can be the philanthropic touch you need on your vacation abroad. At Ayana’s we believe a strong community can safeguard rich traditions and oral history, and keeping that in mind walking trails are arranged around the community and property. Other activities like visit to the local temples, boat ride to Kumarakom bird sanctuary and Pathiramanal, shopping assistance, trip to the local beach, and Ayurveda rejuvenation therapy can be enjoyed on request.

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