Ayana's Homestay

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“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Burrowed between the rich greens is ‘Ayana’s Homestay’ where guests are encouraged to indulge in local, real life experiences with the community at large as they stay with the Nair family. Local, home cooked food plays an important part of the cultural experience as it becomes a window to how a family gathers and sustains from day to day.

As you dock off the boat and make your way through the lush green confines of the home stay, the wonderful colors of the property with beautifully manicured gardens will coax you into its welcoming warmth.

The Home stay, run by the Nair family, is named after "Ayana", the first grand-daughter of the Nair family, in the tradition which honors women of the family.



“Where we love is home—home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” -Oliver Wendell Homes




Becomes a part of the familiarisation process at this beautiful and traditional Keralan home. there is a huge difference between food served at home and at restaurants where it’s mass produced. It’s definitely a lot lighter and has more variation and flavour.


Though we are located away from the hustle and bustle  of the busy life, we still manage to provide connection to the outside world...



At Ayana’s we are inspired by our immediate surroundings. The lengthy stretch of waterfront makes the home stay idyllic. It borders the property and is visible from the house, giving you a feeling of floating in water. The rich natural expanse of the area offers a host of possibilities to explore. Pick yours from here…

Daily Housekeeping


Cleanliness is Ayana's point of focus and we understand how important it is for our guests as well...



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Cooking Class


The home food at Ayana’s is something everyone visiting can really look forward to. The whole region around Ayana’s is known for its fresh seafood. Along the backwaters, karimeen (a type of fish) is a sought after specialty. It is lightly fried and served. You can always ask for fresh lobster, prawns, and clams—all of which is cooked to traditional family recipes, handed down from one generation to another. Vegetarians can feast on delicious coconut flavoured dishes.


 While cooking is a full fledged art form in Kerala, at Ayana’s you can have the opportunity to join the fishermen in their night time forays for sea food, and later come back and take part in the cooking process. Even if you don’t end up catching anything, an evening spent out on the lake is memorable in itself. The stillness and serenity are hard to come by in our metropolitan lives. This is the only time you will be far from the hustle bustle, one with nature.

Community Interactions

Interaction with other locals through community engagement programs can be the philanthropic touch you need on your vacation abroad. At Ayana’s we believe a strong community can safeguard rich traditions and oral history, and keeping that in mind walking trails are arranged around the community and property. Other activities like visit to the local temples, shopping assistance, trip to the local beach, and Ayurveda rejuvenation therapy can be enjoyed on request.

Leisure Activities

After all you are on a vacation, there is nothing wrong in laying on a hammock and enjoying a book you have or one borrowed from our library.

Birds Watching

Backwaters is home to different varieties of  local  and  migratory birds. Enjoy a guided  bird watching tour  on foot or hire bikes for couple of hours to explore more...

Bike Riding & Kayaking 


Ask us if you would like to explore the backwaters on your own on a Kayak or Bikes, venturing down the narrow canals or through the dirt roads to explore the world we live in and love... 


Excellent hosts

I can heartily recommend Ayana's Homestay for the friendliness of the hosts and the excellent location. We were blown away by the friendliness of our hosts and the accommodation they provided. The cooking was excellent and the soft coconut juice and "meat" was worth trying. They proudly showed us over their patch as we walked past local houses then paddled us back on a sunset cruise to the homestay. They gave us the space we needed giving us the time to relax. We wish we could have stayed an extra night.