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The best way to understand the culture of the place you are visiting is by experiencing the local food. Keeping this in mind we have designed a cooking class where you become a part of the cooking process. That's right, this cooking class focuses on an experience rather than someone just cooking a meal for you. Be prepared because we are going to ask you to cut the vegetables and cook a meal for yourself as we take you through the journey of Kerala Cuisine.

Cooking Class
Bike Race


Explore the history and stories of the once a busy port town of Travancore kingdom. The bike tour includes the bike rental and a bottle of water. Entrance tickets, if any, is not included in the tour. Since it is a 3 hour tour which goes through the town as we make multiple stops for some exciting stories or bring back the history, we have kept the group size limited to just 10 pax.


Lets experience how the town wakes up in the morning, refreshed and ready for another busy day. Understand and experience how the market is set up for the day ahead.

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How about understanding the villages of Alleppey where 46% of its population live. Lets go for a trip to the rice bowl of Kerala to understand how the backwaters were formed, how a day to day life looks like, understand what people do for living and much more... Its more than just a walk, rather its a walk through the history and hardship of the people living in Kerala Backwaters. The idea of this tour is to provide as much local experience as possible by taking local transports like buses or local ferry to visit a village. Explore the village we would be visiting and taking a canoe ride through the backwaters and make sense of how it was all formed and why. Come lets experience it together...


Stroll down the canals of Alleppey town and get mesmerized as it opens up to the backwaters of Kerala. On this tour you would learn how the backwaters were formed, life in the villages and more. Enjoy the untold stories shared by our experienced guide.

Group Kayaking Trip
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